Women are a demographic group who have traditionally been slow to enter new technological fields. Engineering, chemistry, and biology, for example, have just recently begun to experience a significant influx of women. The most recent explosion in technology has occurred in the realm of computers, and again, women are slow to grasp the opportunities offered. One of the more recent advents of the computer age has been the Internet and email. Here, I wish to examine several aspects of this issue, including where women stand today in terms of internet involvement and activity. In addition, I want to look at what attracts women to use the internet and how women can encourage each other to get on the net. Finally, I want to examine the issue of girls and the internet, and what can be done to influence younger people to become acquainted and familiar with the internet, and understand the possibilities it offers.

Women and the internet is only one aspect of a larger issue, which is women and computers. Understanding how to use this technology which already exists is analogous to driving a car. A critical mass of women, however, are still not being empowered to actually design computers, in the same way women have not made their presence felt in the field of designing or fixing cars. I will also discuss this issue in brief.


Women on the Internet

Attractions of the Internet

Girls on the Internet

Women and Computers Today


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