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Uzoamaka Nzegwu's Personal Statement


I began my undergraduate studies at Swarthmore College in an economics program, using computers to do an assignment. I initially thought that programming and hardware were mysterious and somewhat complicated, and wondered if I could benefit from using them. In the fall semester of my junior year, while watching a friend work on his Computer Science assignment, I thought to myself "I can do that!" During the spring semester I enrolled in a Discrete Math class where the logic of programming was explained and also in a Syntax class where we had to design an educational website for some elementary school children.


I liked the classes so much I decided to further explore computing. Because actual experience is such a valuable tool, I applied to an internship program that would allow me to experience the use of computing via an economic oriented work environment. I was selected as one of the 8 national Presidential Intern with the National headquarters of the American Red Cross. Given my preference I was assigned to the New Business Development department. I designed and managed a national database of all the American Red Cross hospital customers. My experience there confirmed my interest in computing and in how programmers design software.


However, working on the database or website I know requires more tools in my toolbox. Those I can acquire by continuing my education. Currently, I am applying to several Masters Degree Program in Information Technology. A degree in Information Technology would allow me to pursue a career in E-business where I can be creatively involved in re-engineering the way computers are used in business. My classes and internship have increased my knowledge of an interest in computing. A degree would give me the up-to-date tool and knowledge to be competent and competitive.

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