Women are the most rapidly growing population of internet users and soon they are expected to either equal or outnumber male users. The attractions of the internet for women include the way that it allows them to interact with other people, and find information which is directly pertinent to their lives. Women view the internet and computers in general as a tool to reach an ends, not as an ends in itself. Perhaps because of this tendency, women are not active in computer design. While women use this technology, they are not as aggressively entering the realms of manufacturing the technology which has a dangerous ramification. If men continue to be the predominant designers of computer technology without the concerns of women in mind, young girls will feel increasingly alienated by computers. Instead, if the computers and their programs can be designed to accommodate both sexes we are more likely to see greater equality in computer usage. Also, as younger girls find the realm of computers more welcoming they will likely channel into the realm of technology design more readily.



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