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I teach in the Engineering Department at Swarthmore College, and have done so since Fall, 1990. My main areas of professional interest are:

Here is my C.V. including complete list of professional publications.

My research is concerned primarily with the mechanisms by which ultrasound interacts with biological systems. My dissertation work (Yale, 1989) involved the use of the acoustic nonlinearity parameter B/A to help determine tissue composition. The goal was to develop the mechanistic basis of an imaging system that would allow cancer tumors and other tissues to be identified better than conventional ultrasound can currently manage. Another extended research project was to determine the mechanisms of action of acoustic shock waves on human gallstones and kidney stones in the medical procedure known as lithotripsy . More recently, I've been concerned with the interaction of bubbles with ultrasound in echocardiography. The bubbles can be made to oscillate and even implode by the ultrasound, a process called inertial cavitation. Implications of inertial cavitation include unwanted damage to blood components or useful emissions that can be used to produce clearer images. My most recent work involves trying to quantify the interactions of bubbles that are constrained in their motion by nearby objects such as vessel walls or blood clot fibers. I am also investigating how ultrasound and microbubbles can kill bacterial biofilms.

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